"Brejenn's Prayer" Mixed Media on canvas: Acrylic, modeling paste, jewelry, etc. 36 x 36" 2022. SOLD.
This is my manifestation for the life a black woman deserves. This is my tribute to the life black women trailblaze and the frontiers black women created.
Heavy Impasto Paint gives this piece incredible texture in spiral patterns for the Ankara Nsubra print. Nsubra means water well in Twi. I want wealth to flow for me like water. The custom mixed paint textures are different across the canvas. Some background details have a metallic finish while the borders have a very dry almost concrete feel that I love.
Hundred Dollar Bills were scanned into Photoshop to manipulate our late great Harriet Tubman onto them. (The government tried to get me because they thought I was scamming money) They have a smooth, glassy texture that contrasts the roughness of the rest of the painting. She was rough enough during her lifetime. I wanted her to be smooth and feminine in this piece. 
The Nails are created with hand-molded clay and adhered to the canvas with glue. They are painted with acrylic paint and glossed over for a salon-gel finish with glue. Those long nails are so important because they symbolize our culture and how we inspire others. This thing that is ours is now worn by everyone. I want to live a life of inspiration - where I inspire EVERYONE around me.
The Jewelry in this piece is real and it is high quality, vintage, and thrifted. It may or may not be real gold. 
Jewelry means the ability to show my wealth by buying material things. The color Scheme is green and symbolizes wealth, growth, abundance, and prosperity!
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